Mailbox Rentals

We’ve offered Mail Box rentals since the day we opened, in 1984.

One of Vancouver’s original Mail Box Rental offices, we offer many great services to our mail box customers. Many of our small business customers use us as a virtual office, which we are very proud of.

• Downtown Vancouver Mailing Address.
Many of our customers who live outside of downtown, and who run home-based businesses, prefer to have a downtown address.
• Secure place for your mail.
Some older apartment buildings and houses don’t have secure mailboxes. This is a great solution!
• Courier Deliveries Accepted.
Hate waiting for that courier to show up? We’re here all day, ready and waiting to accept your deliveries on your behalf.
• COD Deliveries Accepted.
With prior arrangements and deposit, we can even accept your COD deliveries while you’re out playing golf.
• Mail Forwarding
Anywhere, anytime. Wherever you happen to be, we can send you your mail from your mailbox here with a simple phone call. Or if you know where you’re going to be, we can automatically send your mail daily, weekly, or just once or twice a month. We can either use regular mail, registered or courier service, depending on how urgent it is.
• Postal Service.
We’re private, but that doesn’t mean we won’t look after your mailing for you. Pick up and drop off your mail all in one convenient place.
• Courier Service.
Send courier deliveries across town, or across the world, without a special trip.
• 24 Hour Access.
You don’t have to hurry in to get your mail while we’re open. Simply pick up a front door key to our lobby, and you can get your mail on your own schedule. Parcels and courier deliveries will need to be picked up during regular business hours.

*Please note that if you do choose to open a mailbox with us, your new address will read as follows: (box)-1027 Davie Street Vancouver BC Canada V6E 4L2